Building off of the success of New York City’s “I’m A Girl” campaign, A Different Measure will use communications, advocacy and public education to engage the influencers in girls' lives in creating a world where girls are valued for who they are and what they do, not for their appearance.

We aim to achieve a national and global impact with a multi-faceted, data-driven, systemic approach to changing the way our communities talk about, look at, engage with, and value women and girls.

To do so, we will aim to impact: adults who are the primary influencers on girls' lives and the development of their self-esteem; the visual landscape so that girls, and the adults in their lives, are consuming diverse, un-retouched images; and the larger media environment to ultimately change the national conversation about the way our culture values girls.

Elements would include:

  • Parent/Child Engagement Strategy

  • Ongoing and Transformative Public Education Campaigns

  • Dedicated Communication Shop

Parent/Child Engagement

By educating and engaging the adults in girls' lives about the impact that negative body talk and appearance-focused comments and behavior has on girls' sense of self-worth, we aim to interrupt the often negative cycle that perpetuates within families.

A Different Measure will host a series of conversations with adult women about body image and how they relate to food in the context of their daughters and young girls in their lives. We will work with experts to create a conversation guide and moderator training and partner with local organization like Children's Museums, Ys, JCCs, schools and experts to host conversations. As part of the process we would create a pre- and post -survey to identify if and how attitudes and behaviors changed as a result of the interventions.

As parents become trained and invested in changing the culture, we will engage them as on the ground, local allies and advocates in a peer-to-peer education effort and ongoing media campaign

Multi-city campaign launch and earned media campaign

As we begin engaging parents and adults - and eventually young people - on an individual and community scale, we need to support that work with larger-scale effort to influence social norms. By putting into the world diverse, empowering images of girls who are defined by their interests and character, we can help shift what is valued about girls away from appearance.

Beginning with large media markets to increase the likelihood of impactful earned media, we would launch the new "I'm a Girl" advertising campaign which will build upon the original NYC vision by spreading the message that girls find power and value in their close friendships, relationships, skills, attributes and character. The campaign will feature a diverse range of representation to continue providing positive and varied images of girls to counter the limited and toxically narrow range that currently fills the marketplace. In addition to public spaces - such as billboards, public transportation - there will be a targeted outreach to schools. We will follow this with a 4-5 city rollout.

A robust social media component, particularly Instagram, will engage girls and parents in the campaign, including identifying local spokespeople to help amplify the launch.

Communications Shop

Successful public policy changes are able to consistently amplify their message and have a long-term and sustainable effort. We are looking to fundamentally change entrenched social norms; it's critical to have a program built to advocate for those changes on a day to day basis. To that end, a Different Measure proposes to house a communications shop to provide rapid-response to biased media coverage and use these as opportunities to engage and educate the media about how to talk about girls and women. We would monitor and react on an ongoing basis, noting trends and creating a long-term advocacy strategy based upon those trends.